V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help

V‑Blaze version 7.2.1-4 (October 2021)

New Features and Improvements

  1. Made multiple improvements to the text processing modules to enhance presentation of words, numbers, and punctuation. This includes fixes for situations related to AM/PM, Q1-Q4, "O" as zero, words/events with spaces, and address-related ordinals.

  2. Fixed an error with on-server substitution lists with : in the filename. These substitution lists are now processed correctly.

  3. Fixed an error with certain substitution patterns. Substitution patterns with left-hand-side unicode or slash-protected (from a previous rule) strings in multiple value sets/lists are now processed correctly.

  4. Fixed "missing data WAVE header" error in Direct-to-Transcript flows that use a URL source for audio. The error was previously introduced in V‑Blaze 7.2.1-1.

  5. Made multiple language ID (LID) improvements and additions.

    • Added the lideffort parameter, which specifies the required confidence level before lid will stop analyzing audio. This replaces the previous function of lidthreshold.

    • Changed lidthreshold to now adjust the confidence level required for the system to select the alternative language.

    • Optimized LID to automatically use different technologies based on language models, channels, per-stream vs per-utterance, and other characteristics.

    Refer to lid for more information on these changes.