V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help

V‑Cloud Release Notes 1.8.0-2022-03-30

  1. V‑Cloud requests for deprecated eng1 models are now automatically remapped to use the improved eng-us models where available. Requests specifying any of the following eng1 models will default to the matching eng-us language model instead:

    1. English (North America) Automotive Industry — eng-us:autodealership has deprecated eng1:autodealership.

    2. English (North America) Call Center — eng-us:callcenter has deprecated eng1:callcenter.

    3. English (North America) Financial — eng-us:financial has deprecated eng1:financial.

    4. English (North America) Healthcare — eng-us:healthcare has deprecated eng1:healthcare.

    5. English (North America) Insurance — eng-us:insurance has deprecated eng1:insurance.

    6. English (North America) Large Vocabulary — eng-us:largevocab has deprecated eng1:largevocab.

  2. V‑Cloud now includes the uttmaxgap parameter. Refer to Utterance Controls for more information.