V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help

V‑Cloud Version 1.6-2021.05.20

V‑Cloud 1.6-2021.05.20 includes the following updates and fixes:

  1. Made multiple improvements to number translation and web URL formation.

    • Changed number translation behavior to improve transcript readability. The translation is now more conservative by considering more context for various situations.

  2. Made multiple improvements to redaction functionality:

    • Added the scruboffset option when using redaction. Refer to Redaction for more information on this parameter.

    • Fixed an issue from V-Cloud 1.6.2021.04.20, released on April 24, 2021, where number words concatenation was not working properly. This issue caused all single numbers (0 through 9) to be printed as a word instead of a numeral; for example, 1 was transcribed as "one." Numbers 10 and up were correctly processed. This issue affected audio and text scrubbing configurations that depend on single digits.

    • Fixed a rare truncated audio issue when using redaction.

  3. Improved error handling:

    • Fixed an issue that could result in ASR errors not being reported correctly.

    • JSON output now only includes the ended, model, nchannels, and audiosecs elements if the stream completed successfully. These elements do not display in JSON output if there was a problem processing audio.