V-Blaze and V-Cloud Online Help

V‑Cloud Version 1.6-2021.09.29

V‑Cloud 1.6-2021.09.29 includes the following updates and fixes:

  1. Multiple improvements to the text processing modules to enhance presentation of words, numbers, and punctuation. This includes fixes for situations related to AM/PM, Q1-Q4, "O" as zero, words/events with spaces, and address-related ordinals.

  2. Fixed an error with certain substitution patterns. Substitution patterns with left-hand-side unicode or slash-protected (from a previous rule) strings in multiple value sets/lists are now processed correctly.

  3. Multiple language ID (LID) improvements and additions.

    • Changed lidthreshold to now adjust the confidence level required for the system to select the alternative language.

    • Optimized LID to automatically use different technologies based on language models, channels, per-stream vs per-utterance, and other characteristics.

    Refer to lid for more information on these changes.